The Education of Pip

A new beginning.

After being released from prison, Pip Standish is spirited away to Tutting-on-Cress, thanks to the dashing Viscount Finlington. As he settles in with his new friends, Pip discovers his education not only involves reading and magic, but how to be happy, how to trust others with your heart, and how to move on from a painful past.

This new adult fantasy is the third book in the Meddle & Mend series. It is a continuation of Pip’s story from One Good Turn.

What readers are saying about The Education of Pip:

“The Education of Pip is a cathartic, heartfelt little story. This is a quiet, character-focused series […] you’ll be enchanted by Wallace’s hopeful world and charming cast of characters.”

CL Jarvis on Goodreads

I just cannot say enough how much I love Wallace’s characters, and getting to read these books where good things happen to them is just the absolute best.”

Wayward Bookshelf on Goodreads

I love these characters So. Dang. Much! I’m SO happy we got to read about Pip’s story. I loved him from the moment he showed up in the second book, and of course Bertie has been a favorite from the very beginning. The found family in this story, the unconditional support for someone struggling to move forward from a difficult past, and of course one of my favorite forms of magic I’ve ever read about... this is my new favorite in the series, for sure.”

@S.O.Callahan on Instagram

You know that feeling of sitting on the couch, cuddled up under a blanket with your cat and a steaming hot cup of tea? That’s exactly what I felt like when I was reading this book. That alone should be enough to convince you to read it too”

@bellsbooksandwritings on Instagram

“I said it before and I’ll say it again: this book gave me a praise kink. Seriously though, I love Pip and I love how sweet all the characters are with him […] and it’s just so sweet I could die

@lelliereads on Instagram

“The Education of Pip was such a delightful read. It’s the kind of book to read on a rainy day.”

@nila_the_booknerd on Instagram

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