Hello, Dear Reader!

Photo taken by Toni Tillman

My name is Sarah Wallace and I am a Florida-based writer. My aim is to write sweet, cozy, and magical queer romances. I am currently working on a series of Regency-period stories. My first novel in the series, Letters to Half Moon Street is available for pre-order now!

When shy and bookish Gavin Hartford is sent to London, he is prepared to be very bored and very lonely. But after he accidentally forms an acquaintance with dashing man-about-town Charles Kentworthy, his life is turned completely upside-down. Mr. Kentworthy seems determined to educate Gavin on how to enjoy city life. As Gavin opens up to Mr. Kentworthy—discussing poetry and magic, confessing his fears about marriage, and expanding his social circle to shocking proportions—he finds himself far outside his comfort zone. Will he have the courage to face his own growing feelings for his new friend?

This epistolary Regency romance is the first in a historical fantasy series, Meddle & Mend.

Love Jane Austen or Bridgerton but wish it was queer and had magic? This is for you.”

Karen Hester