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My name is Sarah Wallace and I am a queer Florida-based writer. My aim is to write sweet, cozy, and magical queer romances. I am currently working on a series of Regency-period stories, Meddle & Mend.

The first four books in the series are out now: Letters to Half Moon Street, One Good Turn, The Education of Pip and Dear Bartleby!

Preorder The Spellmaster of Tutting-on-Cress — out June 28!

You can’t orchestrate true love…can you?

Spellmaster Geraldine Hartford has everything she could want — a successful spell shop and close friends and family — but she’s still waiting on her own swoon-worthy romance. Her friends think their matchmaking efforts are helping, but it’s the tall, handsome stranger in town who immediately catches Gerry’s eye. 

Basil Thorne’s life has turned upside down. After his father’s death, he’s found himself uprooted from Bath to become the head of a family he barely knows. Overwhelmed by responsibilities, not to mention the clamor of Tutting-on-Cress locals wishing to befriend him — only the lovely spellmaster with a twinkling smile seems to soothe Basil’s heart.

And he’s not the only one who’s noticed…

Soon it seems as though everyone in Gerry and Basil’s lives is determined to match them up. But Gerry is waiting for the surefire spark of romance and Basil is waiting until his life settles down. 

They may be perfect for each other, but it will take some meddling — and a bit of magic — to bring them together.

This book is the fifth installment in the series Meddle & Mend. It can be read after Dear Bartleby or as a standalone.

Breeze Spells and Bridegrooms out now!

Roger not only had to prove himself to the Council, he also had to prove himself to Wyndham Wrenwhistle.

Fae and humans alike are returning to London for the Season, but the excitement is marred by the growing poverty rate among humans with low magical scores.

Tenacious Roger Barnes proposes a new rubric for testing magic to the Council, hoping to resolve the predicament for his fellow humans. But when he is paired with Wyndham Wrenwhistle, a dashing fae who has disliked him since childhood, the project seems destined to fail. Even after reaching a tentative truce, their fragile partnership crumbles due to malicious lies.

Adding to the disarray, a popular gossip column unexpectedly announces that Roger and Wyn are engaged. Obliged to go along with the falsehood to save their families from scandal, they are forced to reconcile their differences for the sake of the rubric — and for their impending marriage. As the project bleeds into their wedding plans, the pressure to flawlessly execute both mounts even higher.

Together, they have the chance to solve a crisis decades in the making — but they’ll need more than magic to succeed.

Love Jane Austen or Bridgerton but wish it was queer and had magic? This is for you.

Karen Hester

Fans of cozy fantasy like Baldree’s Legends & Lattes will enjoy the Meddle & Mend series, along with anyone who is just looking for a gentle read with some great characters to follow and enjoy.

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